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Political advertisement paid for and approved by margaret “maggie” wagner for county judge group 6

Meet Maggie.

My name is Margaret Wagner, but most people just call me Maggie. I am running for Brevard ​County Judge, Group 6. The biggest question I get when I tell people this is, “why?” Well, here ​are a few reasons:


My family came to Brevard County in 1955 from Pennsylvania. I have personally lived in ​Brevard County since 1984 and have two daughters that were born and raised here in ​Brevard County. I went to local public schools, including Melbourne High School, where I ​graduated in 1997, having participated in soccer, band and National Honor Society. Many of ​my relatives still live in Brevard County, including aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. ​I care deeply about Brevard County and all of the wonderful experiences we have here on the ​Space Coast. I left Brevard County to go to college, but knew this is where I wanted to return ​to and live the rest of my life. My goal is to maintain that sense of community and to help ​make Brevard County and even better place to live.


After graduating from Melbourne High School, I went to Florida State University to pursue my ​undergraduate degree in in psychology with a minor in criminology and graduated with ​honors in 2001. I then went to Stetson University College of Law and obtained my law degree ​in 2004. I officially became an attorney in the State of Florida in 2006.


I have been a practicing attorney since 2006. While in law school and studying for the bar ​exam, I worked with the Haven, which is a protective/secretive home location for those who ​are the victims of abuse and the Child Care Association of Brevard, helping underprivileged ​families in Brevard with services such as affordable childcare and endangered services. I ​have previously worked for the Public Defender’s Office in both Indian River and Brevard ​counties. In 2012 I went into private practice, running a small, local law firm, and continue to ​run Margaret K. Wagner, P.A. A few years ago, I joined Coastal Legal Team and continue to ​practice law.


I am a member of a number of local organizations, including Brevard County Bar Association ​(BCBA) where I serve as a Director, the Brevard chapter of Florida Association of Criminal ​Defense Lawyers (FACDL) where I serve as a statewide representative, Brevard Legal Aid ​where I am a board member, am qualified as an Attorney Ad Litem.


I moved to Brevard County with my mother in 1984 and paused my college education to ​return and care for her until she sadly passed in 2000. I always wanted to return to Brevard ​County permanently to be with the remainder of my family and to raise my children here. I ​am, like my parents, dedicated to helping those in need and family is a main focus of this ​goal.

My mother, Laura McKinley, was the only one of her family to graduate college (of course, at ​Florida State University) and achieved a Masters degree in Social work. My mother helped to ​create the initial Baker Act statute (which seeks Court intervention to get mental health ​services to those in need) and worked on legislation to end state-run institutions and the ​mistreatment of the mentally ill. My mother was diagnosed with diagnosed with terminal ​cancer when I was 13 years old, but proved the doctors wrong by fighting another 8 years ​after her diagnosis.

My father, Ronald Kirkland, was the only one in his family to graduate college (of course, ​Florida State University) with a Masters degree in business and used to run the Appalachia ​Center for Human Services, the largest mental health provider in the Big bend area.

I have two beautiful daughters, Laura and McKinley. You may notice that I honored my late ​mother by naming my children after her. Laura is a teenager and attends Viera High School ​and has dedicated herself to the track team, walking on to the varsity team in her freshman ​year and is attending Viera High School’s elite business program. McKinley goes to Viera ​Charter School and is in the fourth grade. McKinley loves soccer and plays for Space Coast ​United.

I could go on about the remainder of my family, but there isn’t enough space on this ​webpage. My family ranges from Florida Department of Corrections wardens and an ​inspector general for the Department, to teachers, contractors and small business owners. I ​am so grateful to all of my family for their support over the years.


I believe that education doesn’t stop. I personally teach at the Eastern Florida State (formerly ​Brevard Community College) at the Police Academy and have done so for the last ten years. I ​was recognized by the Academy for outstanding service to the Academy. I myself am also ​constantly educating myself in the areas of the law, issues surrounding our community and ​issues affecting the State of Florida in general.


Now, Maggie is embarking on a new chapter in her journey by running for County Judge - ​Group 6. With her extensive legal experience, unwavering dedication to justice, and deep ties ​to the community, Maggie is ready to serve with integrity, fairness, and compassion.

In her campaign, Maggie aims to bring a fresh perspective to the bench, rooted in her ​understanding of the unique needs and challenges facing Brevard County residents. She is ​committed to upholding the principles of fairness, equality, and accountability, ensuring that ​every individual who enters her courtroom receives a fair and impartial hearing.

With Maggie Wagner as a judge, the residents of Brevard County can trust that their rights ​will be protected, their voices will be heard, and justice will prevail.


My name is Margaret Wagner, but most people just call me Maggie. I am running for Brevard ​County Judge, Group 6. The biggest question I get when I tell people this is, “why?” Well, here ​are a few reasons:


Honorable Blaise Trettis - Public Defender 18th Judicial Circuit, Brevard and ​Seminole County ★ Susan Hodgers ★ Brynn L. Brito, P.A. ★ Scott Robinson, ​Esq. ★ Lindsey Shneyder, Esq. - Beachfront Family Law ★ Harry and Sondra ​Engle ★ Retired Lieutenant Colonel Walter and Victoria Engle ★ Lee ​Fairchild, Esq. and Dr. Julian Edelschick, M.D. ★ Dr. Robert Beatty, M.D. ★ ​Martin & Melissa Peat, Esq. ★ Chris Kiesel, Coastal Group Investigations ★ ​Colleen DeGraff, BCS - DeGraff Law, PLLC ★ Jason Hicks, Esq. ★ Jessica ​Hicks, Esq. ★ Brooke O’Sullivan, Esq. ★ Ashley Mills Ferrell, Esq. ★ Katie Rallo, ​Esq. ★ John Burns, Esq. ★ William Meyer, Esq. ★ Ken Weaver, Esq. ★ Tiffany ​Whitehouse, Esq. ★ Lorin Carpenter ★ Tom and Barbra Culbreth ★ Pat and ​Robyn Barker ★ Kristen Kohl ★ Chase and Nicolett Rammacca ★ Lynn ​Loughran ★ Jason and Lisa Armstrong ★ Doug and Kathy Peebles ★ Cory ​Peebles ★ Banana River Resort, Cocoa Beach ★ Boardwalk Bizzaros ★ ​Imperial Salon ★ Tide and Tonic Restaurant ★ Coastal Legal Team, LLC ★ ​Kelley & Sons Plumbing ★ Brevard Excavating and Landclearing, Inc. ★ ​Grizwolds’ Properties, LLC ★ JCD Rentals, LLC ★ Jeff and Christina Araj - ​Sunset Cafe ★ Cuban Island Restaurant

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble

I wholeheartedly endorse Margaret “Maggie” Wagner for Judge for ​Brevard County Court . Maggie’s trial experience, legal skill and ​knowledge, and her steady demeanor makes her the most qualified ​candidate for Brevard County Judge. Maggie Wagner , as Judge, will ​ensure that all will be treated equally under the law and will guarantee ​fair justice to all who will appear before her in court.

(see his video endorsement here: ​

Hon. Blaise Trettis

Public Defender

Brevard and Seminole Counties (R)

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble

Margaret Wagner is beyond a doubt the most qualified ​candidate in this race. Margaret exemplifies honesty and ​integrity and honors the rule of law we desperately need ​in Brevard County. If you’re looking for a judge that ​respects the U.S. Constitution then look no further, ​Margaret Wagner is your candidate.

Barbara Culbreth

Tom Culbreth Bail Bonds

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble

This election is a clear choice, Maggie has the ​experience, temperament and dedication to be an ​outstanding County Court Judge. Please vote August ​20th and please vote for Maggie.

Greg Einsenmenger, Esq.

Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble

Maggie is an amazing person inside and out. She is extremely ​compassionate about the legal field and our community as a whole. ​Maggie will be an amazing judge for our community. As a court clerk, ​she has always been respectful towards the clerks personnel. This is ​exactly who you want sitting on the bench as a judge. Extremely ​respectful, and an honest soul. She will put the communities safety ​first above all. You can’t go wrong with voting for her.​

Deanna Mitchell

Brevard Circuit Court Clerk

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble

I have known Maggie for many years both ​professionally and personally. She is an amazing mother ​to her two girls and always someone I could count on. I ​believe her comprehension of the law, coupled with her ​commitment to fairness and efficiency, will make her ​valuable asset to the bench.

Jessica Hicks, Esq.

Personal Injury Litigation Attorney

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble

Knowing Maggie as both a friend and a colleague, I've seen firsthand why ​she would make an outstanding judge. Her experience speaks volumes, ​having tackled complex legal matters with finesse. But it's Maggie’s ​unwavering sense of justice that makes her truly admirable. With Maggie on ​the bench, I have no doubt she would bring integrity and fairness to the ​sanctity of our judicial system. Maggie would serve with distinction, ​bringing honor to the judiciary and making a positive impact on those who ​appear before her and the Brevard County community as a whole.

Colleen DeGraff, BCS

DeGraff Law, PLLC


This is a grassroots effort to get Maggie elected and we need your help and every little bit ​helps.

Like us on Facebook and share with your friends. We all know what a great candidate Maggie ​is but, we need to you to share the message with your friends and loved ones: ​

Send us an email at: and we'll add you to our mailing list for ​reminders about upcoming events and voting. You can also sign up here to volunteer at ​events:

  • parades
  • sign waiving
  • meet and greets
  • fundraisers, and
  • getting the message out to the public

or get campaign merch:

  • yard signs
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  • car magnets
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  • campaign business cards

Maggie believes that every votes counts and wants to meet as many ​voters as possible. Sign up for a meet and greet with your local ​community, church, book club, or other social group. Thank you for your ​continued support!

Say hi.

Ask hard questions.


Ready to shape the future of justice in our community? Ask Maggie the tough questions. She has answers. And solutions. Reach out, demand transparency, and hold our judiciary accountable. Your donations and volunteer efforts can make a real difference in ensuring fairness and integrity in our courtrooms. Our donations and volunteer efforts can make a difference in shaping the future of justice in our county. Together, let's build a fair, equitable, and accessible judicial system for all.

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